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  • 100 Sales Generating Tips

    Use these 100 tips to generate the sales you want and thus increase Sales, Profit and Cash

    110 KB • PDF File • 8 December 2011

  • 50 Lead Generating Tips

    How to get the customers you want by using these 50 simple ideas to generate leads.

    110 KB • PDF File • 8 December 2011

  • 7 Tips to make Cold Calling more effective

    Cold calling can generate ample leads and customers if done correctly. These 7 tips will help your Cold Calling more effective.

    70 KB • PDF File • 8 December 2011

  • BizPower Training (Workshops and Seminars) Modules

    This is a list of Workshops and Seminars available in 2016 to be hosted by you or at a venue arranged by us.

    1.1 MB • PDF File • 8 December 2015

  • How To Avoid Hiring Nuts Lemons and Layabouts

    Hiring staff can be costly - time, money, disruption, training, etc.. It is important that we know how to avoid hiring the wrong kind. Here are some suggestions in hiring the right staff.

    138 KB • PDF File • 8 December 2011


    How to Keep Growing Your Business 7-week Interactive Workshop & Coaching Program to help businesses to keep growing Introduction: This program is designed for existing micro and small businesses. The objective is to help these businesses become stable, financially strong and growing businesses. This program will be delivered over a seven week period through a mixture of classroom learning, exercises and coaching. The investment per participating business is under $500 for two people from the same business or under $400 for one participant (Exact fees to be decided). Desired outcome from this program: By the end of the program each participating business will have a set of written achievable business and personal improvement goals/objectives, a plan with actions and measurement criteria and would have made a start towards achieving them. They will also be equipped with the knowledge, skills and systems, and empowered to achieve these goals/objectives.

    369 KB • PDF File • 9 February 2013

  • Registration Form - How To Keep Growing Your Business

    Please download and complete this Registration/Application Form. You can enter information directly into this form and then click submit for us to receive it. Your credit card information is secure. You can also pay directly on this website using PayPal.

    1.3 MB • PDF File • 22 February 2013

  • The Art of Negotiating Using the Negotiating Strategy Template

    Someone said "everything is negotiable" and we can say it is a true statement. Negotiating is an art and we are doing this all the time. We negotiate with our employees, bosses, spouses, children and even our friends. Negotiating is not limited to getting the best price on something. It could be about getting a better seat on an airline, getting your teenager to clean the room or getting your RDO on the day that suits you best. We were born with these skills, practiced them as kids and lost the art when we became adults. What is it that makes kids some of the best negotiators? There are a few factors - lack of fear or pride, those trusting, pleading eyes, knowledge about the right buttons to press, they know our strengths and weaknesses and if all else fails they can throw a tantrum. In business we cannot throw a tantrum but we can use strategies to get the best outcome we desire. This report will help you negotiate the best deals every time.

    126 KB • PDF File • 20 August 2012